Cosmetic Tattooing

At Highlight Beauty one of our most popular treatments is cosmetic or feather touch tattooing but we also find this is the treatment that attracts the most questions and curiosity.

Let us explain feather touch tattooing including the actual process, the aftercare and the benefits and sure enough, you might find yourself booking in for your very own feather touch tattoo brows in no time!

Feather touch brows cosmetic tattooing

Firstly, feather touch tattooing is semi-permanent tattoo technique used to style, reshape and enhance your natural brow shape and add fullness to your brows. You may have heard of feather touch, cosmetic tattooing or microblading before and these are all names for the process which involves a hand tool or microblade. The brow technician will use her microblading tool to add micro-pigment via fine strokes in the outer layers of the skin, mimicking hair. Pigment is used not ink, which means you can match the tone to the colour of the hair, creating a very natural looking brow that can often go undetected. 

Two treatments are required initially and then ongoing refreshes annually depending on your skin type and the exposure to the elements. The first session can take anywhere from one and half to two hours and starts of with cleaning and anesthetising the area, designing and applying the tattoo. The brow technician will work conservatively during the initial application to get an understanding of how your skin will absorb the pigment, allowing time in the second session to even out the application and make sure you are happy with the result. You shouldn’t feel pain during the application as the area has been numbed and will remain numb throughout. 

In terms of recovery time, within 24 hours the pigment will settle into the skin and become darker in colour, prior to it starting to fade and flake away as it heals. We suggest getting your feather touch brows when you have time to recover without attending any special events as the process of the pigment settling in or the flaking may make you feel self-conscious. After your brow session, you will need to keep your brows dry and clean for two weeks. This is critical and will mean you need to take care in the shower, no excessive sweating, saunas or swimming for the first week after your feather touch brow application.  

This treatment is suitable from 18 to 80 and beyond and is ideal for those who want to create a consistent and natural looking brow that is low maintenance with only annual touch-ups required. Clients who have overplucked their brows, have sparse or thinning brows, uneven brows or even those with medical conditions that limit the growth of their brows are perfect candidates to benefit from feather touch brows. 

We love creating the perfect brows for our clients and this semi-permanent solution is a buzzing trend at the moment as women flock to low-maintenance beauty solutions that still make them feel a million bucks every day of the week!

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